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The Wonder Kitty

I eat cat food, therefore I am....

Hi there! My mom is Mariann.  She feeds me well. Too well. Now I'm on a diet. I'm a disgruntled kitty now.  I am eight years old. Aren't I just adorable? 

Nicknames: Foo by my dad and Farty by my mother. I wish not to discuss how each nickname arrived. My parents are so silly.

Hobbies: Sleeping, licking, sleeping, eating, sleeping, scratching, eating, sleeping and barfing up fur balls.

Likes: Food, sleeping, watching Dr Quinn and Little House re-runs with my Mom.

Dislikes: My Daddy (aka Mark) giving me spankings for being naughty (which I assure you, I NEVER am),  taking Furball medicine, my mom calling me "R.E.M. Elizabeth!" in that angry tone of hers when I've been bad (Which I assure you, I've NEVER been bad) and taking a bath because of Daddy's allergies. [I scream like a wounded moose in the tub.]

I got my name from R.E.M. the alternative rock band.  My mom is crazy over that group!  When I was a kitten and was brought home for the first time, my mom played R.E.M. songs over and over.  I like them, too.  I consider the band my step-daddies. My Mom and Dad saw them in concert in Detroit on August 23rd, 1999. They're so mean; they didn't even take me! Can you believe it? But they bought me a t-shirt. Oh well...I guess that's better than nothing huh?

My mom and dad were married June of 1998. They wanted me to be flower girl, but....I was busy that day taking a nap. Besides, all the attention was focused on my mom, but we all know that I'm the real star, right?

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I watched that program on television about people overfeeding their cats and spoiling them. What's the problem with that? I deserve my treats and affection....when I WANT them. When are you humans going to realize that cats rule the world?


Anyhoo, that's about all about me.  I have to go take a nap now.

May 24th 2005 8:50 am   I AM GOING TO HEAVEN TODAY.....
Today at 2pm my mommy and daddy had to do something that broke their hearts to do: have me put to sleep. I wish she would stop crying. I'm going to be fine. I will be in a better place running and playing with other kitties in heaven. I'll get to see my grandma again and even my great grandmother. They'll take care of me! But I hope these women realize that I am still THE Diva. My brother Boog will keep my mom laughing and smiling. He'll take care of her breaking heart. Don't feel bad mommy, you only did what was best for me. I want you to cuddle with my blankie if it helps. I love you Mommy. Thank you for doing what's best for me and I'll see you again some day. Thank you for holding my hand, singing songs to me and telling me I was a good girl. Please don't be sad - you gave me a good life.
Love, REM Elizabeth Weiler, the diva


P.S. You may send me e-mail.....but only if you're a cat. :)

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