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"Little House on the Prairie"

The Ingalls Family
Front: Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson), Laura (Melissa Gilbert) & Carrie (Lindsey & Sydney Greenbush)  Back: "Pa" Charles (Michael Landon) & "Ma" Caroline (Karen Grassle)

This was my all time favorite show when I was growing up.  Each show had a message and everyone wanted their family to be just like theirs. Unfortunately, Michael Landon passed away.  With our beloved "Pa" gone, television, just doesn't seem to be the same.  We miss you, Michael!

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Thank goodness the HALLMARK CHANNEL is re-running the program TWICE a day!  Gee, I love that channel!  Smart programming, peeps!

I have ALL the LH Seasons on DVD!!  You can order them from!

I have a special friend, Meghan, whom has given me these precious pictures from episodes.  Take a look at these and see if they bring back fond memories for you, too!  Can you guess which episode they're from?  I can! LOL   Enjoy!


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